Reply To: Increase in feelings


    I had something interesting happen, I listened to the accelerator track (tapping) and fell asleep straight afterwards. I woke up with raging panic feelings that I couldn't shift… I began to wind myself up – I cant get better, im getting worse yada yada… then I started talking, and I realised I had been able to go right back to being 6-7 years old where these fearful avoidance feelings had begun. I also realised that I had made a very disturbing belief about food and eating at that same time. This is particuarly interesting as I became so ill I was almost in a coma as I had undiagnosed (for many years) type – 2 diabetes… I do not fit the bill for type2, im slim etc… Its too long winded to probably explain here, but I think its fascinating that I developed type 2 with the agoraphobia, and I started the fear about foods when I started with the avoidance behaviour as a child…. I hope that this will unfold into something exciting. Thanks for the advice… more than anything I need that kinda moral support to keep going as im in the real crappy stuff at the moment.  Best wishes :)