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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi freebird…

    As K77 said, first look at the emotions and be sure to clear them as much as possible.

    So often, people want to skip forward to PSTEC Positive (PP) … we all seem to want to jump to the positive stuff … therefore, we neglect the emotional aspect of change.  If the emotions are present and are contrary to what you wish to change, belief-wise, not only will you probably have problem changing that belief at all, but even if you do, it will, most likely, not be permanent.  Why?  Because if the emotions are still present, the subconscious is holding onto the emotional support for that belief; in this case, that you are cannot go out alone.

    As Oz said, what was happening around the time you started feeling or knowing that you cannot go out alone?  You mentioned four years, what happened then or prior to that time?  Also, yes, as he said, use your imagination of leaving alone… how does that feel?  Rate it and keep track as you use the Click Tracks, EEF's and/or Accelerator Tapping Tracks.

    Once the emotions are neutralized, sometimes the beliefs shift too, so once you have the emotions at 0-1, see how you are about leaving alone.

    On beliefs…

    Now, when the emotions are neutralized the beliefs might be your next target if needed… or, you can use PSTEC Positive as K77 said just for good measure.  Ah, but first, some questions:

    • “I wont ever be able to go out alone again”… what does that mean?  Go out where, when?
    • What is your motivation for going out alone?  What are the benefits?  If you are able to go out alone, what would you do first?  These are important as motivation and also can be used in a PP statement(s).
    • Sally has done a Magic Sentence (MS) package on anxiety as well… but, again, before using MS, address the emotions.
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      First order though… address the emotions and then test it out.