Reply To: Newbie Question


    Thanks Marguerite.  I have used the CT's briefly a few months ago and it seemed to help somewhat.  Funny that when I do something that helped I then didn't continue.  When an emotion is 0-1, will it stay gone?  How do you keep it from coming back up?  Not quite sure what you meant regarding becoming aware of more issues.  Does using the CT's for an emotion cause other stuff to pop up?  Did you use self help/subconscious mind books at the same time as PSTEC or PSTEC by itself?  How do you know which situation to deal with?  For example, my negative self talk or lack of confidance may come from my financial situation so what takes priority?  Would you suggest using wealth of abundance at all in conjuction with the free CT's?  At what point would I consider Level 1 or other extras?  Which ones could you see me implementing?  Sorry for all the questions, just need some hand holding when going down a new path.