Reply To: Newbie Question


    When an emotion is 0-1, will it stay gone?  How do you keep it from coming back up?

    It depends. You might do one session and get it to 0-1 forever but it may take multiple sessions. Sometimes issues are multifaceted as well, so you might deal with one aspect, but it won't be fully gone until you deal with all of them.

    Not quite sure what you meant regarding becoming aware of more issues.  Does using the CT's for an emotion cause other stuff to pop up?

    As you use the tracks you are concentrating on a memory and emotion, your subconcious will naturally try to give you related memories and emotions. Sometimes these will even be forgotton memories from your childhood.

    How do you know which situation to deal with?  For example, my negative self talk or lack of confidance may come from my financial situation so what takes priority?

    The general rule of thumb is to go for things that are earlier, and things that give stronger emotions. It's up to you to experiment. Ultimately the most important thing is to use the click tracks. There's lots of good info in this thread:

    At what point would I consider Level 1 or other extras?

    Get the accelerators and Level 1 now. They both make the process more effective. They also both have great tutorials that will help you.