Reply To: Newbie Question

Peter Bunyan

    Hi JSW
    Close your eyes somewhere quiet and think about yourself running a successful practice imagine how you would like it to be, then listen to your inner voice giving you all the reasons why it will never happen “it would be nice but….”  feel those unhelpful emotions that are tied to those “buts”. These are the feelings that bog you down and stop you from being the success you want to be. These are the ones to hold in mind while Click tracking them away. Go for the strongest feelings first. If you have particular memories for example you mention “fear of failure” and having experienced failures with other marketing companies then try to recall the memories while Click Tracking.
    If you are still not sure then just work your way down that list of 16 in any order, just try and keep the chosen experience in mind and if that brings a mix of emotions, just run the Click Track anyway. Given that the situation you have found yourself in has taken maybe years to form then doing the CTs in the most efficient way is less important than just getting started and beginning to get some benefits no matter how small. PSTEC works and like any tool may require some learning to make the best use of it, that learning comes with experience rather than theory.
    Enjoy using it, play at it.