Reply To: Confusion about emotions


    In a sense, you're thinking too hard. If it feels negative then it's a valid target for the click tracks. Any feeling or emotion that is negative you can click on no matter how small and no matter if it is related to other feelings and emotions. Even if an emotion is caused by other emotions, you can click track both.

    When you go through the process, your subconcious will tell you any related emotions. You might get lucky and find that you clear your issues quite quickly, but you might find over time a lot of issues coming up so it would take a bit longer to clear everything.

    In terms of social anxiety, you can click track the memories of times you were feeling anxious in a social situation. Or you can imagine going out where there are people and the nervousness and hesitation you feel you can click track that.

    A lot of our issues are multifaceted. If something bad happened to you, you could feel multiple emotions. If someone shouted at you for example you may feel:
    Anger: How dare this person shout at me
    Disappointment: The person should have been nice not mean
    Sadness: I don't like it when people shout at me
    Fear: It's scary when someone shouts at me
    Shame: Why didn't I stand up to this person.
    And more.

    Some of these emotions may be strong and others weak. There may be other  related issues and reasons why you feel these and how they affect you.

    You can work on emotions without memories, but the process is more effective when the emotion is linked to a memory. If you want to speed up the process of getting to the deeper issues some options include:
    1) Pay money to speak to a trained professional on the pstec register(if you do have money this is the best way to spend it).
    2) Try moodgym.
    This is a site that offers self help cognitive behavioural therapy. It give you exercises to do that will help you learn about yourself.
    3) Post more detail about your issues on the forum and hope someone can help.