Reply To: Had some success but am confused where to go from here.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi charlesx123
    The thoughts you mention “I am a failure”  relating to other people indicates a problem with self-esteem. This is one of the most common issues because of our human need to find our place in society measured against other people. These negative thoughts generated from negative feelings re-enforced by sub-consciously driven behaviours feedback into your sub-conscious and make a downward spiral. PSTEC tools can break the spiral if you use the right ones for you, at the right point.
    Behaviours can be seen as the other side of the same coin as emotions, you do not get one without the other, These behaviour/emotions are poked into your conscious by the sub as linguistic thoughts. With me so far? An often unnoticed but powerful behaviour is non-verbal communication we “talk” to one another without saying a word. Subtle body movements and facial expressions broadcast our feelings to everyone else. A key behaviour in this regard is smiling,  smile all the time smile at every living thing you meet. Even if you do not feel like it. This will change your feelings and your thoughts. Keep on smiling. Do it now! Use PSTEC Positive to overwrite the negative ones and the Click Tracks on any negative feelings about smiling that come up  e.g. “I will feel ridiculous grinning all the time” or “what will they all think of me, smiling away to my self”. Now smile! Go for it!