Reply To: Had some success but am confused where to go from here.


    Thanks for the reply and suggestion, Peter! I will take your advice on the “smiling all the time” and start doing it more (even though it feels a little weird).

    I definitely agree with you that I have a problem with self-esteem. Now that I think about it, I can remember from very early on I've always compared myself to other kids/people whether it be academics, sports, etc. If I was the best at something, I would feel great inside but if I saw someone else better than me at something, often times I would feel very down and inferior.

    Here's what I've begun to do. I started using the accelerator tracks to click on the earliest memories I had where I felt “inferior” or “beaten” by someone that I was either competing with or felt compared to. For example, I once showed my mom my results from a standardized test in elementary school and she berated me, saying the marks were horrible and I felt really bad.

    Also I was wondering if the following makes sense: I have all these problem memories (call them A, B, C, D, E, … Z) in my subconscious mind and B and D happen to be the core originating events, then once I get to D and finish that, E through Z will automatically lose their negative charge?