Reply To: Had some success but am confused where to go from here.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Charles and mahalo Peter for your thoughts and suggestions…

    I had just a couple aspects to add here in direct response to some of your statements, Charles…

    • A Shift of Attention
      “I am still unsure of how to fix my situation.”

      This is not about “fixing” you … there is nothing to fix.  Let me elaborate…

      There is a good friend on the island here that says, “There is no out there!”
      In other words, there is nothing to change “out there”… outside of yourself.  This is ALL about changing (not fixing) what's inside.

      What are you changing?

      Your perspective… that's all.  You already have ALL the skills, abilities and the power to achieve what you ought to… what your purpose is (and that's for you to discover), but … and this is the only “but” … you do not believe… you do not KNOW that you already have that power.  You see?

      You experienced, as you said, much trauma in life, yeah?  So, what you have established in your focus … in your attention inside … is on those traumas and EVERYTHING that they mean to you.  Your attention is on the conclusions that you are limited as “evidenced” by your experiences… and much of them quite a long time ago.

      Do you see what's happening?

      You are merely focusing your attention on those experiences and the accompanying beliefs about your PERCEIVED limitations.

      This work (and I use that term loosely) is about shifting your attention from YOUR ideas (these are ideas your subconscious formed) to the KNOWLEDGE of your True, Natural and Unlimited Self.

      Yes, you heard me right… JUST a shift of attention… that's it!

      So, when you CT an emotional issue… or you use PSTEC Positive on beliefs and behaviors; you are sending signals of intention to the subconscious to shift that attention.

    • Start Specifically, Start “Small”
      “there are a lot of aspects of my life that I am not 100% satisfied with.”

      I know how you feel… so little time, so many issues.  I'm not going to say you “can't” work on more than one issue at a time.  But, if what you are doing is not working, then, would you agree that there is some training that you need to do first to become established in the Fundamentals?  You know…

      Crawl before you walk; walk before you run, run before fly… that sort of thing.
      So, start by focusing on one thing that you desire in life… what do you want to experience and let's start with something that is specific and almost every day so that we can measure and see the progress quickly.

      For example, if you desire to find a wonderful partner in life and even get married and start a family together; don't go looking for a spouse.  Begin with finding peace in relationships and, to be more specific, let's say you have difficulty with someone at work; start there.  Start “using” that person as your reflection of the emotions, beliefs and behaviors that are in the way.  You see?

      Or, if you are nervous going to work every day, start there.  Begin practicing every day skills at relationships with people, places and things.  But, just choose one for now… JUST ONE.  Because that one that you choose will act as the point of focus for you to discover the limitations you need to release and shift.  Make sense?

      So, don't take on so much at once… start your training of your mind with the basics… the fundamentals and then expand from a solid foundation.

    • This is NOT Logical Work
      “… are all these negative emotions and thoughts only there because of my mind model?… if I had a better mind model, I would not … Or is the fact that I am having these thoughts and emotions normal? … will completely “fix” the mind model? Or is the problem much deeper … and then never have to worry about them again? …I really liked the concept … I feel like in my case, my balances are already so heavily tilted towards one side …if I were to go through all my events, it would take forever! … I had thought that in order to eliminate a problem, I would just have to reach the “core originating issue/event”. …can they explain what is actually happening to our system of balances …

      Whew!  I  took some of it out for brevity and it's still a bit tiring, yeah?
      I'm not making fun of you, but pointing out how these thoughts of worry, of “trying to figure things out” and the supposed logic tries to express itself.

      Make this simple for yourself, ok?

      If you feel non-J.E.E.P (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace), then pull out the CT's, the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT) or EEF's and clear away.
      That's it!

      Will it be one at a time… a bunch at once… you CT one time and done for life?  Those are the questions that are pointless because NO ONE knows.

      Do this…

      Be willing … willing to do whatever it takes.  You might say, “What if it takes all my life.”  Well, then get started now.  :)  Try this: imagine NEVER finding peace or what you want… what's that look like and what's it feel like?  Take that imagined event and feeling and run the CT.

      The sooner the better, but as long as you keep questioning… as long as you keep doubting… as long as you keep searching for the best “way”; you will do nothing or little to move along.

      Do not think this through… if you are thinking, you are wrong because your thinking, as it is now, is what brought you here.  Drop the thinking… make it easy on yourself… just CT until the cows come home.

      Infinite patience brings immediate results.
      The quicker you are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, the sooner you will be done.

    • [/list]
      You see?  Stick to the simple fundamentals.  Do this… As Peter said, “…memory you used about your Mom is a great one”.  Ok, let's start there, did you CT that memory with the non-JEEP feelings until they are zero?  If you did, excellent… continue with the next non-JEEP that comes up.  If you didn't, go do it NOW!

      If you are really stuck and can't seem to get it done, look to the PSTEC Register for a practitioner to help guide you along… and keep you focused on what is important.  You know what's important, don't you?

      Let go… let go of all that is not JEEP.

      When you begin to feel some relief… remember, find a specific target to measure how you feel in life … you can have easier success with PSTEC Positive and changing beliefs, such as: “I am a failure because I don't have a great job”; “I am a failure because I don't have a great girlfriend”; “I am a failure because I don't have as many friends as I used to”

      Just work on the emotions for now based upon memories and imagined events.

      Malama Pono!