Reply To: Had some success but am confused where to go from here.


    Peter: Thanks a lot! I will indeed start with that problem memory and work from there. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some breakthroughs.  :)

    Jeff: Thank you very much for the incredibly informative and detailed response! The following part REALLY helped me gain a new perspective on this whole process:

    Your perspective… that's all.  You already have ALL the skills, abilities and the power to achieve what you ought to… what your purpose is (and that's for you to discover), but … and this is the only “but” … you do not believe… you do not KNOW that you already have that power.  You see?

    You experienced, as you said, much trauma in life, yeah?  So, what you have established in your focus … in your attention inside … is on those traumas and EVERYTHING that they mean to you.  Your attention is on the conclusions that you are limited as “evidenced” by your experiences… and much of them quite a long time ago.

    Do you see what's happening?

    You are merely focusing your attention on those experiences and the accompanying beliefs about your PERCEIVED limitations.

    This work (and I use that term loosely) is about shifting your attention from YOUR ideas (these are ideas your subconscious formed) to the KNOWLEDGE of your True, Natural and Unlimited Self.

    Wonderful stuff! It's all a matter of shifting my attention/focus/perspective. I am going to start trusting myself more and just click away any non-JEEP emotions that I have.

    Thanks again to both of you, Peter and Jeff! I'll post an update to this thread when I can.