Reply To: Releasing on affirmations?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Ugi… thanks oz…

    A couple points to make on your use of the Click Tracks (CT) …

    I was not sure exactly what you are doing when you say, “I started to use the Clicktrack for releasing on affirmations. I say the statements of “what I'd like to be” in my mind, visualise it to some degree, let all the resisting emotions come up and run the clicktrack.”  But, it prompted some thoughts to help yourself and others…

    • Oz's admonition is absolutely correct… the CT's will neutralize even “positive” or desired emotions, so watch what you focus on when using the CT's.  You are in control of how the CT's are used and what they work on within your Mind.
    • If you are focusing on your desired outcome and letting the negative feelings rise up and then focus on the negative feelings associated with your desires, then, yes, excellent.  That's one way to “clear the way” for your actions is to eliminate the barriers first.  Another suggestion along those lines is to imagine the worst outcome for your desire… in other words, failing at your desire … what does that look like and how does that feel?  Now take that imagined failure and try hard to feel the feeling and neutralize those feelings and you will find the fear of failure dissipate and make the path more clear for you.
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      **IMPORTANT**We have emphasized this before here in the Forum and I know it's worth mentioning again…

      When you are using the Click Tracks DO NOT use affirmations and also do not use “setup statements” as instructed with modalities like EFT.

      DO NOT repeat statements over and over, whether negative or positive, while doing the CT's.  There is one exception and that's the “Why Technique” (search on the forum for that topic).

      Now, focusing on your desired outcome, feeling it as complete, feeling the feeling and repeating statements are the work of PSTEC Positive (PP).  So, just be sure not to confuse the process of the CT's and PP.

      Malama Pono!