Reply To: Unsure of where/how to start


    This is a real problem, because it does this when I attempt to use the clicktracks to deal with that past relationship. For example, if I use the clicktracks to try to solve a fear of rejection/abandonment/etc, my head sorta stops me midway through the tracks (as soon as I start letting go), and gives me a sorta “you're only doing this to get over her” feeling and ruins everything.

    Remember, the click tracks work on literally any negative emotion. If it's negative you can click it away.  You can run the click tracks on the “you're only doing this to get over her” feeling and click it away.

    Going further, if you get pstec positive you can instill new beliefs. For example you could instill the beliefs “It's ok for me to feel happy” and “It's oke for me to move on”

    Actually, thinking even further, I had a lot of jealousy towards nearly everything that she was better at me in, during the relationship.

    If you are feeling jealousy towards any other human being and comparing yourself to them then that is because you are insecure. If you were happy with yourself and who you are you wouldn't need to make comparisons with other people.