Reply To: Unsure of where/how to start

Peter Bunyan

    Oz is spot on the Click tracks can remove any negative feelings from past events. In this case I believe you said it yourself, Jealousy! From what you have said this appears to stem from loss of self esteem where your girlfriend was better at you than something. If you can remember any particular incidents where you felt particularly jealous then this would be a good place to start with the Click Tracks. Leaving these jealous feelings will taint your memories of this woman forever unless you do something about it, which is sad if you also had good times and you shared part of your life with her. Some sort of competitive element arose with your relationship which may have been used unwittingly against you or perhaps her superiority offended your masculinity? Look further into you past perhaps times when you may have been heavily put down in front of your peers by a female teacher perhaps, possibly a  sister or even your mother. If you can remember such things then here are more incidents to Click Track on.
    I hope this helps