Reply To: Using Pstec Positive as a shortcut

Peter Bunyan

    HI Oz
    They are both great tools used for different things. Almost limitless possibilities. However Positive cannot make CTs redundant. Beliefs are linguistic representations of emotions/behaviours, instilling a a new belief will create feelings, what they would be is not certain. Deleting a Person will work until you see them again or even someone else who looks like them.

    Emotions are created in a far older part of the mind/brain from a time in evolution when we were merely mammals not even primates before becoming human. Emotions are our animal part, beliefs are our human veneer.

    I believe the way in which you propose using Positive is unhealthy and that it would be better for you to create “positives” that help you believe in a better future for yourself. Do not let the “how” do I get to a better future with no money etc. get in the way. Just think of it constantly and your sub-conscious will start looking for ways to help you get there. You have set it to look in the right direction.