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Meghan Saunders

    Ahhh OK – now I understand which audios you purchased & I think I also understand the confusion.  Tongue Twisters!

    Level 1 is the core audio package for a person wanting to make personal change in their life.  I consider the free click tracks plus level 1 audio to be the Essential PSTEC Toolkit.

    First, there are the Free Basic Click Tracks (free download) that are not are part of Level 1 but are the basic click tracks for removing emotional barriers, erasing the connection between memories and bad feelings or disconnecting feelings from perceived possible future events that feel uncomfortable or fearful.

    In Level 1 you also get – “Extra powerful PSTEC click tracks” – – – which are 2 additional click tracks used for neutralizing emotions and feelings.  They should be called PSTEC Click Track 3 & 4 in your mp3 download.  They can be used for particularly difficult or sticky feelings, emotions and memories.  So now you have 4 click tracks that can be used interchangeably to clear emotions.  They are all slightly different and can help to prevent predictability in the hand movements when using PSTEC often. 

    Now, the PSTEC Positive tracks that come with Level 1 are designed to be used to reprogram our negative beliefs.  So you take something like – “I don't deserve to be happy” – a negative belief – – – and we want to turn that around and counter weight it with a positive phrase like “I deserve to be happy”.  You will repeat aloud your positive phrase 6-7 times and then run the click track while continuing to repeat your phrase (exact directions do depend on which track you are using.  One involves tapping the other does not – again this adds variety.  Listen to the instructional audio first before using the click tracks).

    Now. . . 'PSTEC Positive Extra power' – – – is a more powerful version of Tim's original PSTEC Positive.  Tim's mind is always going and seeing new ways to help people or make audios that can help them even easier, better, faster.  When he has an idea he goes for it.  So one day he was working on a project and had an AH HA moment – – – I can increase the power of PSTEC Positive by doing it like this – and so 'PSTEC Positive Extra power' was born. 

    You definitely want to listen to all the instructional audio in Level 1 to hear from Tim exactly how to get the best use out of each of the click tracks.  Listen to Success with PSTEC & PSTEC Positive Instructions and take notes.  Here he will describe exactly how to use each of the tracks and their intended purpose.

    First you want to neutralize your emotions with PSTEC Click Tracks 1-4 (the free click tracks (1 & 2) plus the extended tracks (3 & 4).  When you have gotten to a neutral place with your emotions regarding an issue then you can move on to PSTEC Positive to change your negative beliefs into positive ones.  Again, you need to listen to the Success with PSTEC & PSTEC Positive Instructions audio track and take notes for the best instructions straight from Tim.

    Wishing you the best on this journey and remember to have fun with it.