Reply To: Stuttering!

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Nick
    Before you do anything much, have you listened to some of these success stories here and testimonials here this to reassure you that PSTEC can help you as it has helped many others for many issues.

    Listen to the instructions in the package first.
    Find a time and place where you feel comfortable and unlikely to be interrupted for say 20 minutes. Maybe switch off your mobile unless you are using it as your mp3 player.
    Now using your past experience as a guide imagine a future situation the absolute worst case scenario, may be having to give a presentation or a speech. Some thing that would definitely bring on the fears and following stutter. These fears are what you want to focus on. Now run the Click Track one or two doesn't matter which. But please do give the the fear a rating when asked to by Tim on the track. Do not think too much about it just the first number that comes into your head, and follow the simple instructions given and you will do fine. It is quite intense and you have to concentrate, just do your best. It is OK if you feel a little “frazzled” afterwards, it soon goes.
    Please let us know how you got on.