Reply To: Stuttering!


    Nick and Peter!

    It may very well be best, of course, to cede to Peter's practitioner-expertise here.  :)

    I'll go ahead and share what I did.
    I used Rebirthing Breathwork and never focused directly on any events around the stuttering, just the general things that created the PTSD I have.  (I was working on the PTSD and the stuttering cleared as a nice side-benefit!)

    I, too, cannot recall exactly what happened to cause me to start stuttering at 7, but I know it had to do with my dad's alcoholism taking a turn for the worse at that time.  Plus, he was a yeller when drunk.  And one of my brothers could be quite verbally-invalidating of me speaking.  In my case, I feel it may not have been one event, but rather a series of invalidating events.

    So I guess I, too, sort of “came at it from the front door” and it worked, and fairly quickly!  It's a part of the PTSD that cleared easily–you'll have no problem.  (I had all the same feelings you described–anticipatory fears, etc.)  One day I realized I was no longer stuttering!

    I think your instincts on what to click on are very good here!  The fears you'll bring up and click on are the same; whether it's from a recent event, future imagined event, or the original causative event.

    Now I'm an actress and can speak/sing in public, no problem!

    Do let us know how the clicking goes!