Reply To: meridian energy and PSTEC


    Hello SE, I am an Advanced EFT Practitioner who also uses PSTEC and hypnotherapy in my practice.

    For me, it's more about pathways to achieving the desired results for the client as opposed to combining therapies or blending them in some new way.

    In my work and within the body of one session I often use EFT, PSTEC and Hypnotherapy. In the most general terms I use EFT to reveal and get my client more in touch with what is happening for them emotionally and what may be driving their feelings. This can be really helpful where there is a level of disassociation. I also value EFT as a way of bearing witness and saying aloud, or to one's self, things that may not have been said before. Even that simple process can be a significant step towards releasing and resolving an issue or aspects of an issue.

    PSTEC is incredibly effective for turning down and/or breaking an emotional connection to a memory or event in the past or imagined so is a vital and valuable tool in the work I do with clients.

    I also hugely value hypnotherapy as a tool to support changes in thinking and self-beliefs so most of my sessions end with a trance sequence. Key to the process of change, for me, is firstly the release and resolving of the presenting issue prior to moving forward with hypnotherapy.

    Liz Hogon and myself feature these three modalities in our ebook 'Achieve Your Natural Weight'. How each modality is applied to successful weight loss roughly follows the way in which I have outlined them here.

    I think each of these three modalities are wonderful in their own ways and have their own distinct role to play. Of course, a typical therapy session is an organic, responsive interaction so there isn't a right or wrong way except what intuitively feels right at the time.

    I hope this is helpful. Kind regards Sally Baker

    Yes it was helpful Thank you very much Sally,