Reply To: Fear of cramp and panic attacks whilst driving


    Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I am awaiting tests on my legs for a 'potential' running injury to investigate 'odd' sensations/numbness. These odd sensations are with me most of the time(even when I sleep) fueling the fear.

    I have a good diet and I am mindful of ensuring I drink enough water/ potassium/magnesium and salt in my diet. I exercise and stretch but cannot run far any more due to the past running injury.

    However it is the actual pain from cramp while sleeping (being woken from my sleep, wondering what is happening)/driving and bathing that is my biggest fear. I have had several past episodes where I have woken up from sleep screaming and then I find it difficult to walk for normally two days which also impacts on my daily life.

    I have also had past experiences (both as a child and adult) having cramp while swimming and struggling to get back to shore and fear of drowning. I also had driving episodes bringing on panic attacks as my leg become stiff and I am frozen with the fear that I cannot stop the car and will have an accident. This feels worse if I have passengers in the car.

    Some anticipation fears of future events also make things worse, such as not being able to hold down my job because I am potentially not able to drive from the fear. This leads to financial worry.