Reply To: Fear of cramp and panic attacks whilst driving

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Stevie
    Thanks for answering questions. Lots of stuff to talk about but I had better keep on topic.

    As a runner are you a “heel striker” or do you land on your forefoot?
    Do you also have any anger towards you body for “letting you down” for example? Or anger towards any other person? Or just the unfairness or it all?

    You have already gone back to past incidents and click tracked some of those. It seems like you have used a fairly cautious approach so far with some success, so I propose that you now get a bit more “full on”.

    When you are ready for your next CT session, instead of looking backwards imagine a possible future situation that you are sure would bring on your symptoms. a worst case scenario. You want to really feel the fear but not actually bring on any symptoms. This time CT on this fear of an imagined future event. Are you OK with this?

    Re: Stretching, static stretching as in stretch and hold, but in your case I think no stretching of any sort is better. I suspect every time you stretch you are doing it to prevent injury, but while you do it you remind yourself that you have this problem and it re-enforces the worry and fear.

    Re: Level 1. A great value package which include enhanced CTs and PSTEC Positive. Positive will be a useful tool later on once you have got further with the CTs.

    BTW I use Freeplane Mind mapping myself.