Reply To: panic attacks, general anxiety, ocd and the Accelerators

Peter Bunyan

    Hi SE
    IMO anxiety is produced when you are caught between two opposing emotions or flip-flopping between them. Pehaps between what you feel you need to do and what your logical mind thinks you should do or what social pressures say you should do. This at a very deep basic level. In your case because it persists it suggests that this was a traumatic event and the anxiety has become locked in. panic attacks can be seen as anxiety gone out of control and OCD as your subconscious protecting you by diverting you into thinking “safe” known repeatable patterns. If your background anxiety was reduced/gone then I think your Panics and OCD would fade as well.

    Have you “always” had this problem or can you remember a time before you noticed it? Is there a specific rememberable event/s that you can attribute to the problem?

    You have sufficient PSTEC tools so far but as Oz suggests the Accelerators add extra “muscle” to the Click Tracks and Positives you already have, so a great addition to the PSTEC toolbox