Reply To: panic attacks, general anxiety, ocd and the Accelerators


    Have you “always” had this problem or can you remember a time before you noticed it? Is there a specific rememberable event/s that you can attribute to the problem?

    You have sufficient PSTEC tools so far but as Oz suggests the Accelerators add extra “muscle” to the Click Tracks and Positives you already have, so a great addition to the PSTEC toolbox

    thank you for your reply Peter Bunyan,

    I started to have this problem when I was about 15 yet I can't pinpoint exactly what 'first event' triggered it….

    I experienced a few events which were hard for me as a young child like moving to another city when I was young and I was a very shy kid. I have a few ideas of what triggered it But again:

    I can't pinpoint exactly what triggered it…..that's the problem  :-

    now I'm 32 it has become such a habit that I get anxious everywhere and all the time (not related to just one specific activity like driving or flying….)