Reply To: panic attacks, general anxiety, ocd and the Accelerators

Peter Bunyan

    Hi SE
    Ideally if you can find memories of events that made you lose your feelings of self worth in the first place then these would be a good place to start. Some sorts of events for example like being bullied by others or siblings, parental chastisement even if violence just was threatened or implied. However it might be that you find links to situations that might cause panic or OCD thinking loops and I would not advise looking any closer if you feel that these symptoms would be triggered. However using Click tracks on any memory where you were made to feel “small” or “worthless” would be good to do in any case again as long as the panic and OCD are not triggered. If you can use the click tracks first then later work with Positives will be much more powerful. The PSTEC Panic Attack bundle provides workarounds for this problem as it is not advised to work directly on the triggers for Panic.