Reply To: I want a total self transformation

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Sheer
    The list of PSTEC therapists is here many of these including myself offer phone or skype sessions as they remove the need for you to travel or even being in the same time zone. Also some will now offer the PSTEC Miracles fixed price six session bundle and associated discounted PSTEC tools bundle. My website is currently being upgraded to explain these The Register is also due for an upgrade which hopefully show which therapists offer what. Otherwise the PSTEC  How to Achieve Almost Anything tutorial package would be the one which explains the sequence the PSTEC tools and how to use them to transform your life in the sort of way you sound like you are looking for, Essentially you need some goal, target or dream to work towards and this then shows up the problems to be knocked down. But it starts with using Click Tracks to remove the underlying emotions which hold you back. In your case it sounds like you need to find the earliest memories that caused your loss of self worth. This could be a long series of minor things that had a cumulative effect rather than one or two traumatic incidents. Particularly anything with violence either actual or threatened or implied, chastisements or being pushed around actually or verbally by parents, siblings relatives or peers, just being shouted at, lots of situations especially where you are compared unfavourable with others. If any of this “rings any bells” with you then Click Tracking on these memories should eventually lead to a more lasting effect for you.