Reply To: Becoming a PSTEC Practitioner

Andy Eckley

    Before setting up in practice you should have a lot more than the level 1 audios, at the very least I'd say is Level 1 & Level 1-A (advanced) along with both the online exams.

    Passing the online exams is very important as your understanding of PSTEC can only improve with the feedback that I give you after you pass each exam.

    Out of all the people who've taken the exams only 2 have got a 100% pass mark which means that all the rest had gaps in their knowledge.

    Tim & Myself developed the exam to ensure that ALL PSTEC therapists will be excellent and have the same depth of knowledge, for instance some people mix in other prior learning, assuming that their prior learning is correct so don't listen to the instructions track close enough and make mistakes with clients which shows up in the exam.

    Don't forget that all exams can be taken more that once at NO Extra Charge!

    Andy Eckley PSTEC Examiner