Reply To: Blushing, how it works and where to start?


    Hello Peter!

    Did a few sessions for the past days and wasn't too sure still whether I am meant to try and recall the feelings to a situation or more how I perceive the situation?

    E.g. If I was in a social situation and people looked at me and I thought “everyone must think I am weird, I am stupid” then I start feeling like a throbbing feeling going up my throat to my head and start blushing for no reason. Am I supposed to try and remember how that throbbing feeling during the click track or more the throbbing feeling in that situation? But if it was the later, since my issue is blushing, does it mean every situation I try to click away is the same feeling I should try recall?

    Sorry for the questions, I am trying to access click tracks made simple but it isn't downloading.