Reply To: Blushing, how it works and where to start?


    Apologies Peter had a typo that made my e.g. quite confusing what I should have said was:

    E.g. If I was in a social situation and people looked at me and I thought “everyone must think I am weird, I am stupid” then I start feeling like a throbbing feeling going up my throat to my head and start blushing for no reason. Am I supposed to try and remember “They think I am weird and stupid” or more the throbbing feeling in that situation during the click track? But if it was the later, since my issue is blushing, does it mean every situation I try to click away is the same feeling I should try recall?

    With that being said Peter, you are quite spot on. I remember quite clearly a time when I had a random anxiety attack but didn't blush. It was a very strange feeling, like so much adrenaline rushed up my throat to my head that I was shaking. After that incidence, I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought what was that feeling about? Do I have some condition? Why did my nervousness trigger such a response. From then on I think I started being quite conscious about my nervousness and hence blushing.