Reply To: Blushing, how it works and where to start?

Peter Bunyan

    Click Track any feelings that lead to blushing.
    The anxiety attack was not random, you just cannot recall what triggered it.
    A “condition” is only a set of symptoms that are common enough and intense enough for the medical profession to give a name to. You might have issues or problems (you are certainly not alone there), but I think you are beginning to see that they need not be in control of you or define you, you can change them, with PSTEC.
    If the fear of anxiety attacks leads to the possibility of blushing, then this is another fear or worry to CT.
    An anxiety attack as you briefly described could also be felt as a “loss of control”  which would fit with the lack of self-esteem/self-worth/social position thing I have talked about above.
    Have you had more anxiety attacks? is the blushing always preceded by an anxiety attack? If so then this would be something else to work on, but get back to me before you do.