Reply To: Blushing, how it works and where to start?


    Click Track any feelings that lead to blushing.
    The anxiety attack was not random, you just cannot recall what triggered it.
    A “condition” is only a set of symptoms that are common enough and intense enough for the medical profession to give a name to. You might have issues or problems (you are certainly not alone there), but I think you are beginning to see that they need not be in control of you or define you, you can change them, with PSTEC.
    If the fear of anxiety attacks leads to the possibility of blushing, then this is another fear or worry to CT.
    An anxiety attack as you briefly described could also be felt as a “loss of control”  which would fit with the lack of self-esteem/self-worth/social position thing I have talked about above.
    Have you had more anxiety attacks? is the blushing always preceded by an anxiety attack? If so then this would be something else to work on, but get back to me before you do.

    Hi Peter,

    No I haven't had these anxiety attacks for a while and it is not something that bothers me too much. It seems that adrenaline rush feeling only occurs when I am making direct eye contact with someone with a higher social status than mine. For some reason that type of feeling isn't accompanied by blushing. What I think triggers my blushing excessively is before any social situation I would anticipate what I could talk about with another person to avoid awkward silences and also anticipate what other people may ask me. Sometimes I may anticipate questions that people may ask which may trigger my blushing and so I do try to structure my questions so that they won't relate much to topics that I am uncomfortable with so the other person will not ask the questions I am insecure about. What I think the problem is, is that before the person even ask me the questions I fear, by them simply turning their attention and giving me eye contact, that split second I already thought “oh no his going to ask that question!” then I feel a bit of blushing then I think to myself “wait why am I blushing? It's too weird to blush now! Stop! People are noticing and this is so weird!” Then the situation just gets worse from there.

    By the way, these click tracks are amazing. Whenever I think of a situation and try to feel my blushing coming up, initially I always feel like this “shiver” like that adrenaline rush feeling I described. As the click track progresses, this “shivering” just reduces until at the end it is almost impossible to bring back that “shiver”. I am really excited about how this all works and do believe I am improving every time I play these tracks!

    Thank you Peter!