Reply To: What and how often should you use the tracks.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Dyfed
    Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer to your question. There is no right or wrong only what works for you. To get a better idea of how to advise you to use the various PSTEC Tools I would need to know more about your problems and goals. Everyone is different and the tools can be used in different ways for different problems. Genrally speaking for most problems we advise using the Basic Click Tracks or the Enhanced Click Tracks first until there is some significant shift in the 1-10 scale ratings. For more stubborn or vague problems the Accelerators can help. Then the Positives come in to clear away the rubble after you have broken through the wall. However they are versatile tools and can be used in diverse ways quite often one re-enforcing another.
    What success have you had so far?