Reply To: Need PS suggestions for getting up early


    I would suggest that if you are changing your sleep cycle, waking up is the easier part. You can use simple brute force methods, you can get a louder alarm clock and put it on the other side of the room, you can just force yourself and develop the habit. One thing is after you wake up, your body is still asleep, so any movement in bed even if it's moving your head from side to side or waving your arms, even moving your fingers wakes your body up and makes you wake up too. Also keep some water nearby, after sleep you are a little dehydrated, so sipping water picks you up.

    My waking up routine consists of brushing my teeth, using mouthwash, then drink half a litre of water, then do a 5-10 minute warm up. Something like this:
    Basically you want to move every part of your body and make all of your muscles loose. This will make you feel energised. Then you can have breakfast to fuel yourself, and hey presto you are prepared for the day.

    The hard part is falling asleep at an earlier time. If you are waking up at 5am, you need to be asleep by 9pm. Best thing would be to use one of the relaxation accelerators before you go to sleep every night.