Reply To: Need PS suggestions for getting up early


    Shift your sleep patterns by 15 minutes at a time (go to bed 15 mins. earlier, get up 15 mins. earlier).
    Sleep patterns like gentle changes, not abrupt shifts.
    I never use an alarm clock, it causes the astral body to crash back into the physical body and I don't like to be jarred awake.
    As I fall asleep, I visualize the clock face at the time I want to wake up, and ask my Higher Self to wake me up at that time, over and over.  “Higher Angel, wake me up at 4:30 am”, or whatever.
    Then I wake up gently at the time I want.
    Works like a charm!
    The Higher Self never sleeps, always knows what's going on far beyond our conscious minds, and is perfectly capable of doing this.
    (Thanks to Peter and Nancy for teaching me these tips.  :)  )
    Getting up, taking a shower, eating and drinking a bit, and brushing teeth all help to wake up, too.
    Also turn down all lights about an hour before bedtime.  This signals the brain chemistry that it's bedtime.  Light signals the brain to stay awake.