Reply To: Can PSTEC improve cognition?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Joseph
    Does the use of PSTEC improve cognition? I doubt any tests or experiments have been done to “prove” such a thing. Can PSTEC be used to help improve such things? This is a different question and I would say the answer is yes, in that PSTEC can be used to overturn self limiting beliefs eg I'm no good at maths or I can never remember things. Also PSTEC can be used to re-enforce change to better healthy diets, help kick bad habits eg smoking, aid acquiring improved sleep patterns, exercise regimes and generally speaking aid improved mental and physical health. I believe these would improve what you call cognition another name for thinking. The abilities you list are  aspects of thinking but are unimportant, insignificant even, compared to what you think about, how you think about yourself, others and the world around you. If you have some way of measuring the abilities listed then I believe PSTEC could be used to improve them if that is what you actually desire. Would they improve you as a person? If you are training to be an astronaut or fighter pilot where such things might be measured for suitability for the role, then it would be an interesting challenge for PSTEC.