Reply To: Can PSTEC improve cognition?

Peter Bunyan

    HI Joseph
    The issues you mention I cannot really comment on as I do not know you at all,. What I do know for certain is that if you think it is a problem, then it certainly is a problem for you. PSTEC may not be able to do anything directly for the issues, but with the Click Tracks you can remove the worry and fear that you have about them.  PSTEC Click Tracks can help with the fears you might have that there is something wrong with you, fears of any social stigma by being labelled as… [something], fears that you may not be able to pass exams or interviews, in short any fears from or about any situation past or present. Removing the worry and fear will reduce the stress, and enable you to make better decisions about what to do about it. Your brain/mind has a plastic quality that can change and improve, it is not a fixed permanently for the rest of your life thing, especially since I get the impression you are younger rather than older.
    Re diet and exercise I personally use the Primal Blueprint, loads of information at Marks DailyApple it works for me.