Reply To: Seeing is Believing!

Peter Bunyan

    Because the deterioration in my eyesight is seen as age related I have focussed much of the Click Track work that I have done so far on “fear of getting older”. I do not think it any coincidence that many people find they “need” glasses when they turn 50 or so, as I did. This is mid-life crisis time, a time when you “discover” that you are now longer as young as you once were but still with enough energy to resist and “fight” to retain what you have, trying to “put off” the inevitable. However who says eyesight deterioration is an integral part of “ageing”?

    PSTEC is only one aspect of my regaining “normal” vision. The others are diet, exercise and regular testing to check on progress. I will go through these in more detail in later posts.

    Has my eyesight improved so far in only a week or two? Oh yes! Not much, but hey, if the the deterioration  is purely age-related how come any improvement is possible?