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    How can I get myself to get rid of clutter and maintain routine cooking and cleaning?  I CT my anxiety, but it's still a struggle to get started.  The Accelerator brought up some childhood memories where my morning routine was filled with being rushed and threatened.  I believe I have a narcissist parent and a supervisor that constantly try to attack my self esteem.  Growing up I always felt controlled, like I didn't have any say in anything, my thoughts and feelings were always invalidated and constantly criticized.  I felt like a slave when it came to cooking and cleaning.  Now I cannot get myself to do it in my own home or it's a constant struggle and source of anxiety.  The odd thing is I like doing it, but I feel unmotivated to do it.  How do I fix this problem?  This is a financial strain for me.

    The best time to deal with procrastination is right before you do something. Sit by where you run the click tracks. Say you have to wash the dishes, think of going to the kitchen to wash the dishes, have genuine intent to do this. If you have no negative emotion you can go and wash the dishes. If you have any hesitation, doubt or any negative feeling run the click track on that feeling there and then. At the end of the click track have intent to wash the dishes, anything negative run the click track again. Usually 4 run throughs clears a negative emotion. You can repeat this with all your chores and anything else you have to do. You can do this with everything you do. Within a few days or so you should see good results.

    If you have the PStec Positive tracks you can use them to instill positive beliefs. Run the tracks and use suggestions like “I take pride in cooking”, “I take pride in cleaning”, “I take pride in myself”, “I feel enthusiastic about cleaning”, “I look forward to cooking and cleaning”, “I feel motivated to cook and clean” etc

    The click tracks neutralise any negative emotion linked to memories and thoughts, 1 by 1. Usually each emotion linked to a memory takes around 4-5 run throughs to fully clear. So here's a list from what you wrote that you can clear:
    1) My morning routine as a child I felt rushed
    2) My morning routine as a child I felt threatened.
    3) Negative feeling about my narcissist parent
    4) Negative feeling about my supervisor constantly attacking my self esteem.
    5) Low self esteem, when you think of yourself you feel what? Guilt, shame, doubt? Each of these can be clicked.
    6) Growing up I always felt controlled
    7) I felt like I didn't have any say in anything
    8.) Negative feeling about my thoughts and feelings always being invalidated and constantly criticized.
    9) I felt like a slave when it came to cooking and cleaning.
    10) I feel strain about my finances

    You don't need to be confused about why you feel negative, there's lots there for you to work on. So don't worry about the results. Work through everything bit by bit and you will see strong results within a few weeks or maybe a couple of months.