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Dana Jackson

    Thank you for the suggestions.  I have worked on many of these areas and am starting to see some progress.  Sometimes it takes a couple of days to really see the difference, but I can tell other people are noticing that I've changed.  I am looking forward to using the CT with the step-by-step approach.  I actually started having thoughts of redecorating.  :-)

    One area I'm still working thru is feeling like I don't have any say.  My supervisor does this thing where he jerks me around.  He'll ask me to do something or give me a project, then cancels it after I've done all the work or overrides my decisions and plans to the more difficult or inefficient option.  I find this frustrating and I feel like I can't accomplish anything.  I'm under constant pressure.  Then I fear I will get penalized when things don't get done in a timely manner, which he has done.  Even though I know it is a cat and mouse game he plays, it really makes me feel so defeated and disrespected.  Since he is in a position of authority, I don't feel I can do anything about it. The more I talk about it with him, the worse his behavior gets.  Using the CT and Accelerator on the areas above has helped significantly in dealing with him.  He actually did not bother me for several days as my confidence had increased.  Today I had another incident where I felt deflated.  I'm in a battle over self esteem.  What are some positive ways to look at this situation?