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    Well you could compare yourself to starving kids in Africa, or even people closer to home who don't have a job but badly want one. Also remember that the worst is over, now that you have the PStec tools it is going to become easier. You've already made some progress, you've had a knock back but you know can fight that, you know PStec is making you stronger. You're confidence will continue to increase and success is inevitable.

    You can use a variety of tools. The free wealth of abundance audio will help you appreciate the things you do have. You can use PStec Positive to instill positive beliefs. PStec Positive Xtra Power is the best tool to do this. The other one I'd recommend is stress in the moment. That will help you eliminate the stress very quickly and gives you coping tools to deal with your boss. If you have the money, the best way to spend it would be to go to the PStec register and find a therapist to work with since they'll have the experience and training to help you identify the core issues more quickly and so speed up your progress.

    And just so you know, my record is over 20 click track run throughs in one day. More clicking the quickest way to make progress(obviously).