Reply To: Can the panic get worse before it gets better?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Cinders
    Without asking you more questions there is no real answer to this as we do not know the relationship between your phobias and the Panic.
    The more I do this the more I find there is no “normal” everyone is different. You are unique! Your problems and the solutions to them will also be unique. But opening flood gates to negative feelings does not sound good. Stopping the Click Tracks for the moment and having a re-think might be a plan.

    There is a long 5hr Tutorial for Panic Attacks that explains different ways of using PSTEC tools for this problem. It is intended for therapists but if you want to proceed along the self help route then you might find it helpful.

    However I do suggest before any more Click Tracking working with PSTEC Positive Xtra over a period of time to suggest to your subconscious that PSTEC can help you, to PSTEC will help you and PSTEC does help you. This before starting again with the Click Tracks. The whole process will work better not only if you expect it to, but know it will.

    Re confusion. I suggest Click Tracking just the fear of getting Panic Attacks and that after the previous suggestion. Once this fear is reduced then perhaps start working more directly on what triggers the Attacks if you know what  the cause is.
    Click Tracking can be hard, so take it easy. Do not force yourself to do it. Every other day or two or three even. If you feel the need to maintain progress in between these sessions then I suggest using the PSTEC Accelerators on non CT days.
    Another thing you will find helpful on non CT days is the Free Wealth of Abundance this is a gentle way of finding more positive things in your life. Forgive me If I am wrong but given the loss of Parents and the debilitating nature of CF then you deserve every little bit of help you can get.
    If you do not have the Positives or Accelerators and cannot afford them then use the W of A instead.

    Re Grief. Yes the Click Tracks can remove any emotion but in the case of bereavement of loved ones then I feel that your sense of loss is part of the love you had for them. Rather than lose some of that love, use it to commit to making the best of your life going forward. Concentrating on making the most of your own life is after all is all what they would rather you did, and to my mind the best way of honouring their lives. You have found PSTEC, you have found this forum, you are clearly already working towards this.

    Please do ask more questions, we will do our best to answer them.