Reply To: Can the panic get worse before it gets better?


    I had buried the feelings and was getting on with life-but since using the Pstec I have found my panic is much worse. it seems to have opened a flood gate. Is this normal?

    Yeah, you have these emotions inside you, your subconsious knows negative feelings are painful so it tries to protect you by hiding the truth of the emotions. Unfortunately in hiding them it stops you dealing with them so they remain inside you doing damage. In running the click tracks it helps unlock the truth of the emotions, so it's a floodgate but long term it's a good thing because it means they can be dealt with and eliminated.

    As I have CFs I find doing the click track mentally exhausting so I can only do it once a day.

    Usually it takes around 4-5 run throughs to deal with a specific emotion linked to a memory. It is best to do 4-5 run throughs in a row and deal with one emotion. If you are only doing 1 run through that is not perfect. I'd recommend sticking with one emotion. So say you had emotions of shame, guilt and fear, 4 or 5 days in a row do one run through on shame. Then the next 4 or 5 days do one run through on guilt then 4 or 5 days on fear. That way you are only unlocking one emotion at a time.

    Also, your sub feels the pain of facing the emotion while running the click track. So it may try to protect you by telling you that you are mentally exhausted so that you don't run the click track again. So you can imagine feeling mentally exhausted because of the click track, and then run the click track on that feeling of mental exhaustion.

    When running the track and you start feeling exhaustion, take a positive attitude to it, try to believe that you can overcome it. Just like how a runner has to build up to running a marathon, you can experiment and try to push yourself and see if you can do more run throughs, try to see if you can increase your run throughs. Try to do 2 in a day, then push to 3 and then eventually to 4 or 5. You can use PStec positive to help the process too as recommended by Peter.

    Also I'm confused about concentrating on emotions. Is the actual physical feeling of panic what I focus on or is it the shame, embarrassment?

    You would eliminate them one by one. Pick the strongest emotion and deal with that in 4 or 5 run throughs and then move on to the next one. Over time you want to deal with all of them.

    can you use Pstec to help with grief? i've lsot 2 parents in 2 years and am finding it difficult to cope.

    In the case of grief, PStec can help. In a general sense, when it comes to loved ones you need to let go. Of course you don't want to let go, you don't want to sully their memory, you don't want to devalue that persons importance. Grieving people will have the thought “I want this person back in my life.” Of course if you don't get what you want that's a negative. You should replace this with the thought “I'd like to have this person back in my life.” or “I'd love to have this person back in my life.” There's a subtle difference. I'd love to be a photographer, teacher, actor, writer. All of those are wonderful things, but if I don't get them that's ok, they're still wonderful. Same, you can say “I'd love to have my parents back, I can't but that's ok, they're still wonderful, I can move on, I'm not downplaying the love I have for them so I don't need to feel guilt, I'm free to live my life happily and appreciate the things that I do have(friends, family, chocolate, hobbies, travelling, shoes, dreams etc that'll make my parents happy too :))”

    Also, you can think of any normal happy memory of your parent, say you're talking or watching tv together. Anything, however mundane as long as it's happy. How do you feel? The correct thing is to feel happy because it's a happy memory. However because they are gone you probably feel a negative emotion intruding. You can focus on that negative emotion and run the click track to eliminate it. Be careful to only focus on the negative feeling and keep away from the positive. This is like polishing a dirty table and keeping it clean. These happy memories(which you have a lifetime of) can then become a source of strength rather than weakness.

    Hope this helps.