Reply To: Sexual Problem

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Sure, in fact, you are right on there…

    “Actual, physical encounters with another person are starting to cause me anxiety because I’m starting to become afraid that I won’t be able to get an erection or keep one.”

    Use imagined events to begin with… such as:

    • Imagine an encounter with another person … pick someone that you would love to be with even if that someone, in your mind right now, seems too far out of the realm of possibility.  Imagine being with that person… yes, get into details … what feeling come up?  If it's non-JEEP, Click Track (CT) while imagining being with that person and TRYING hard to feel the feeling until the non-JEEP goes down to 0-1.
    • Imagine being with someone and NOT getting an erection… how does it feel… any non-JEEP feelings like fear?  CT it until it's down to 0-1
    • Watch very careful about any memories coming up while you do this that are related to the non-JEEP feelings like fear and anxiety.

      Special Note:  Those memories may have nothing to do with sexuality or being intimate with someone.  Remember, this is not logical work… you are just following the “breadcrumbs” of the subconscious to any supporting memories and imagined events along with the emotions and feelings that support the idea that you would ever have the problems you are experiencing.

    • [/list]Once the emotions are pretty clear (does not have to be completely eliminated, but significantly), then look to address the beliefs with PSTEC Positive.
      Malama Pono!