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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mel … It's funny how, quite often, the answers are in our own conversation.

    JEEP Tip: I recommend that people write out their issues in their words, put it away for a short time, maybe a day or two, and then read it like you would an unattached third part and you can glean much from your writings.

    Quite often, when we don't feel J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace), one possibility is because we fear those feelings.  So, let's begin first with the fears of feeling joy in Life…  do this…

    Imagine feeling joy in life… being happy … what does that look like to you?  If you say, 'I can't'; sit quietly and give it more time to imagine joy and peace in life.  Just use your imagination like you would a personal fantasy.  You see?

    Once you have an imagined event like that, how does that feel when you imagine being joyful and peaceful and even excited about Life?  Do you feel JEEP with that imagined event?  If not, take that non-JEEP feeling and run the CT while imagining that joyful scene and TRY HARD to feel that non-JEEP feeling.  Do that until it's down to 0-1.

    What you are doing here is CT'ing the fear of success … in this case, your success is being joyful and peaceful in Life.

    Mel, you said, “not feeling safe to love (myself included)” … there you go … there's a nice revelation from the subconscious.  You see, the sub will give you the answers but you must listen and see those answers… they are there.

    Take what I just did with imagining a Life of JEEP and imagine being Loved… I mean, take this to the limit and imagine someone Unconditionally Loving you beyond what you have imagined before… what does that look like?  No, don't be conservative either … I mean full on, someone does not care what you do or are, they Love you as you are under ANY circumstances!  Try that … ok, now how does that feel?  Is it an absolute 10 on a JEEP scale of 0-10 where “10” is Perfect JEEP?  Or are there non-JEEP feelings?  If so, do what I mentioned above, take that imagined event, TRY HARD to feel the non-JEEP feelings and CT them until they are 0-1.

    Make sense?

    Note: There may also be beliefs regarding issues like 'not feeling safe to love (myself included)', such as: Not being worthy of Unconditional Love… Exposing one's self to Unconditional Love will result in disappointment or worse, etc.  So, the memories with emotions would have to be CT'ed and then address the beliefs with PSTEC Positive.

    Some tips and points…

    • With PSTEC it does not matter if you feel the non-JEEP feelings although most times you will, but what matters is that you TRY HARD to feel the feelings while running the Click Tracks… TRY HARD AS YOU CAN!  You see?  So, if you “know” you have hidden feelings behind a memory but “think” you don't feel them, run the CT and TRY HARD to feel them.
    • Get the PSTEC Accelerators because they do what no other modality does … they encourage recall of the memories and thoughts that are the cause of the issues.  Now, the Basic Click Tracks and EEF's do that too, but the Accelerators really get the subconscious memories to come up along with the feelings and THAT  is just one of the main, unique benefits of the Accelerators.
    • If you are thinking, 'Well, other modalities didn't seem to get it all'; don't worry because PSTEC … Tim's Tools… are like non other and can't Truly be specifically compared.  Just get to the business of doing the work with them.  I have worked with many people that said, 'I already worked on that'; but we forged ahead and memories and feelings came up to conscious awareness that they were not aware of previously.
    • If you are stuck on your own, consider getting with a PSTEC Practitioner from the PSTEC Registry. … you are worth it!
    • [/list]I hope that helps.
      Aloha nui!