Reply To: Looking to release my relationship issues


    Like I see a women and I glance at her then avert my eyes as though I've done something wrong and I feel wrong.

    As you glance at the person what are your intentions? How do you feel about these intentions? If you feel good or neutral about these intentions you're not being completely honest with yourself. So again ask yourself what other intentions are you omitting? When you find intentions or doubt that you feel negative about you could look to change them, possibly with the combination of the click tracks and PStec Positive. Or you can keep them but neutralise the emotion with just the click tracks.

    My end goal is to be a confident charismatic dateable guy. That guy that is worthy of the greatest girls and they know it.

    Looking at this from the other side, this says that you don't believe that you are a great guy. You need to change that possibly with real world action and the assistance of the PStec tools. How to achieve anything the easy way is designed for something like this, along with PStec Positive to help you instill positive beliefs.

    So because these individual experiences aren't painful enough for the brain to remember, how do you then work on the issues that have formed over time?

    You can imagine the scenario, you should feel the negative emotion so you can click track it.