Reply To: Looking to release my relationship issues

Jason Tilley

    My intentions are for her to like me. I feel bad because I 'want' her to like me as in I don't expect her to. But hold on a sec, you're assuming I have bad intentions. Just because I feel bad for looking at a girl doesn't mean I'm having bad intentions. Wanting a girl to like me is not a bad intention. The negative part is that I assume she won't like me, not that what I'm doing is actually wrong. I feel wrong because I have a whole shitload of negative beliefs that guys can't show a women their interest, that they need permission.

    Thanks for the link, I definitely don't believe I am that guy, I know I can be but just can't seem to see the path through all the trees. I'll check out the product you linked.

    I realised when I had a faster eft session tonight that feeling 'bad' is still an emotion. I knew I had a particular issue so I imagined the worst case scenario which involved a women screwing her face up in disgust. Each round the facial expression softened until eventually the visual was her flirting with me. Just by focusing on the 'feeling bad' emotion.