Reply To: Divorcing and cant quite get it gone


    Hi Jame315
    You're in the middle of a break up so the situation is still developing. You still feel attachment and jealousy towards her. You can imagine her dating a guy and click track the feeling of it killing you. You could even imagine her with the 3 guys at once if that's more painful then could click track that. Maybe you could click track the attachment you have to her.

    Looking to yourself, to be honest, this failed relationship is just a symptom of the real problem which is that your character is underdeveloped.  You got serious with her just because, she cheats and not only do you let her get away with it, you still call her a 'wonderful' person. You isolate yourself from your friends(this is sign of a possible abusive relationship btw). There's a deficiency in your standards, your self-esteem, your self-respect, you've not been decisive, you let things happen rather than take responsibilty.

    You can click track your various fears, but the problem isn't just the negativity holding you back, there's an absense of healthy beliefs. You want to build up your character, become confident, mature, demand integrity etc. You can do it yourself, PP is a perfect tool for this, but I'd seriously recommend working with someone to help you design a healthy beliefset. Look at the register preferably, or maybe find a life coach.

    Good luck!