Reply To: Multiple Goals and Beliefs with PSTEC POSITIVE

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha … you are really going to enjoy my answer:

    It depends.

    Ok, I won't leave you with just that, but it is true … everyone has a different idea of their capacity to assimilate changes and new ideas and, TRUST yourself, you will KNOW when it's enough.

    My biggest recommendation is to get PSTEC Positive Secrets … this is a classic, in my opinion … groundbreaking … Tim put together an incredible amount of info on how to use PSTEC Positive to the max!

    But, with that said, here are some guidelines:

    • When you are first starting out using PSTEC Positive (PP), do one statement at a time.  Play with it.  Pick something simple and something that is setup for quick results.  In other words, don't start out with “I will make $1 million dollars this year” (which is not a great statement anyway, but bear with my example).  That is quite grand and can be complex for many people, plus the results will not be manifested for many months.

      Choose something that you wish to manifest in the next couple days or so… find something you wish to do with ease that was previously difficult or caused anxiety and doubt.  It could be as simple as “When I sit down at my desk I feel excited to complete ___________.” (whatever it is you need to complete).

    • As you work with your PP Statement, emotions that are not JEEP may come up.  No problem as one of the great benefits of using PP is that it will encourage the emotional barriers to be exposed.  What to do?  CT them!  When the non-JEEP emotions are down to 0-1, go back and run your PP again!  Simple, yah?
    • When you get a successful result under your belt with PP, move onto the next one.  Keep in mind that you are not just trying to achieve your goals, but you are also TRAINING and MENTORING your subconscious in a new way to think… changing the Mind Model.  So, be kind, be gentle and take your time.

      If you are panicky because you feel desperate to get your goal, well, desperation is definitely not JEEP, is it?  So, what do you do?  That's right, CT that desperation and, most likely, an imagined event that goes with it!  Then, when it's 0-1, get back to your PP.  Again, simple!

    • As your PP Process becomes more integrated with your subconscious and conscious minds, then you can begin to do more than one PP goal at a time, meaning, you don't have to wait for results before moving onto the next one.
    • When you do move on to doing more than one in your present life at a time, you might want to run PP in separate sittings (not always necessary, but, again, it depends on the person).

      Remember, ABA … Always BE Aware … this is your greatest asset… your awareness.  You will know if you are doing too much … if so, back off a bit and get back to basics and keep it simple.

    • One of the exceptions with this may be where you have one goal, but that goal involves more than one PP Statement.  In this exceptional case, the two statements address different aspects, but support the overall goal.  A bit more complex and, in most cases, don't start there, but start with something simple.
    • I have used as many as 4 different statements in a PP sitting, but all four were very, very closely related to the task at hand.  It was not so much about a “goal” as a desire to shift a certain perception.  But, I did not start out that way … my first many PP sittings, personally, involved only 1 statement at a time.
    • Dilute the process?  I have been using PSTEC Positive (and lastely PSTEC Positive Extra Power) almost daily for the past 1-2 years.  I am using it as I integrate a certain belief system I wish to integrate into my sub.  Diluted?  Just the opposite actually.
    • [/list]There you go … most of all, TRUST yourself.  If you are doing too much, you will know by how you feel and also do not neglect the CT's and the emotional issues.  Many people want to zip forward to PP and ignore the emotions… big mistake.
      A Hui Hou!