Reply To: Multiple Goals and Beliefs with PSTEC POSITIVE


    Thanks for the response Jeff. That's very helpful. I do have PSTEC Positive, as well as How to Achieve Anything! And the Accelerators.

    I have one more question about the click tracks which will tie into changing multiple goals and beliefs. When “click tracking” emotions, is it more effective to have one event in mind or can events intertwine that cause the same emotion. I guess what I am asking is if the click tracks separate the emotion from the event and allow it to be dimmed in the mind, can the subconscious decipher what to detach and dim with multiple events playing into the same emotion, whether past, present or future tense? It's very rare for me to have a linear event tied with an emotion, and I'd assume that's the same for most.

    For example. On an emotional level, I fear having too much success. That triggers emotions of potential loss and sacrifice. The events that trigger those emotions are typically in the future, however I know that something in the past has affected my belief creating these emotions, but have absolutely no idea where it comes from. If I recall correctly, the free tricks state that we can use events that tie into the emotion, but I am wondering if I have to know what triggered the emotion in the past to create the belief in the first place. Can I just tie in a bunch of events that trigger that emotion and click track it or does it have to be a linear process, one event and one emotion?