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Jeff Harding
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    First of all, be careful about thinking too much about this… in most cases it will just slow you down or even stop you.  Most important is to ABA … Always Be Aware … aware of the memories, imagined events, emotions, feelings, images, etc. that bubble up from the subconscious (sub).  Then, take your PSTEC Tools and address them properly according to instructions.

    Tim's instructions are quite literal and complete, so don't read too much into them… keep this simple.


    “if the click tracks separate the emotion from the event and allow it to be dimmed in the mind, can the subconscious decipher what to detach and dim with multiple events playing into the same emotion, whether past, present or future tense?”

    It all depends … yes, sometimes the subconscious will handle the other memories for you and you don't have to Click Track the other memories…. other times, no, the subconscious needs more “direction” via your work with the Click Tracks.

    Remember, this is not necessarily linear nor logical work so follow the clues and communications from the subconscious… if it comes up (meaning a memory, thought, emotion, feeling, etc), it comes up for a reason and the sub knows the “why's” and “wherefor's.”

    So, be WILLING to CT any and ALL memories as they come up.  So, if there are other memories coming up, jot them down, test them out one at a time.  How do you think and feel about each one… take your time on this.  If it's not JEEP, CT it.  If a memory has no intensity AND you don't have a strong opinion about it… in other words, it's like “Yeah, it happened” or better; then no need.

    Ultimately though, look for the results as the barometer of how you are moving along.

    “the free tricks state that we can use events that tie into the emotion, but I am wondering if I have to know what triggered the emotion in the past to create the belief in the first place. Can I just tie in a bunch of events that trigger that emotion and click track it or does it have to be a linear process, one event and one emotion?”

    Generally, it's one memory/imagined event per CT run, but not necessarily in a linear stream of work.  Don't worry about that.

    Work on what comes up… if you don't have a memory that comes up, use imagined future events and go from there, but two notes:

    ABA: Always Be Aware … watch what comes up and do not judge, define analyze or deem communication from the sub as not relevant.  Take what comes up and address it with the PSTEC Tools.  Question less and use the PSTEC Tools more.
    If you are thinking, you are wrong.  Be Aware, yes, but don't analyze, intellectualize or over think this.  Keep it simple!  Remember, the analytical Mind Model you use is the same one that gets you into these predicaments.

    Let the sub reveal the source of the issue rather than you “digging” for it… it's not necessary.  Be patient and keep clickin'!If you try and bundle a bunch of memories together, there are some aspects that may give you trouble; 1) The sub may become not understand your “logical” bundling and then end up ignoring all your efforts, 2)Many times the motivation to bundle is an avoidance to do what is necessary to transcend the issues; it's fear driving it and anytime fear is driving you, permanent, desirable results are usually on a completely different path.

    The Accelerators... to help with recall of what is at cause and relevant
    Cascade Release … usually done successfully with a PSTEC Practitioner

    Malama Pono!