Reply To: Multiple Goals and Beliefs with PSTEC POSITIVE


    If I recall correctly, the free tricks state that we can use events that tie into the emotion, but I am wondering if I have to know what triggered the emotion in the past to create the belief in the first place.

    If an event(real or imagined) generates a negative emotion you can run the click track on it. If you're not sure which event to work on, choose the one that generates the strongest emotion.

    You don't need to know the source of it. Whatever makes you feel negative, that's what your subconcious wants you to work on, so work on it. You don't need waste time searching for more events. As you work through issues your subconcious will naturally come up with other things it wants you to work on. If it wants you to work on the source event, it will give it to you. That process of the subconcious giving you things to work on can be helped with the use of the accelerators.