Reply To: PSTEC and memory loss problem

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Indigo … PSTEC does not erase memories, it merely neutralizes the emotions/feelings that are attached to the memories thereby, in effect, making those specific memories “less important” to the subconscious which prompt the subconscious to “realign” the Mind Model or your perception and experience.

    So, the PSTEC work you did with the relationship memories does not cause any memory loss.

    Without further assessment and consideration and the limited nature of the information you can give in a public forum, it would be difficult to give you an idea what steps to take next, but here are some thoughts that will be helpful:

    • When it comes to your nervousness in social situations and making presentations and speeches; you can safely use PSTEC for those and I would encourage you to to just that.

      Start with a specific presentation or speech you need to make in the very near future, say, within the next week or so.  Imagine getting up and making the presentation, how does it feel?  If it's not completely peaceful, TRY HARD to feel the anxious/nervous feelings and use the CT's.

      Memories may come up about issues in talking with groups of people… CT those as well if they come up.

      Then, once the feelings are down to 0-1, you can begin to use PSTEC Positive to suggest your capability, skill, calmness, the ease with which you make those presentations.  You see?

    • You mentioned that the guy you had a relationship with was also a co-worker in some manner?  If that is true, take a look at the relationship of him and if what you feel at work is similar.  In other words, did that failing relationship affect how you feel at work, about work or about what you thought might be the future at work if the relationship worked.  You see?  Did his decision “taint” your vision of future life at work, in general or anything specific? Look for a connection between how you feel now and how you felt when he announced his refusal to come be with you.  This is a VERY general suggestion, but an area that might, somewhere, have a source or cause to your “fogginess.”  Also, it might not, but just a little clue.

      If you find nothing or can't “see it straight”, then finding a PSTEC Practitioner to help might be the best solution.

    • Address the non-JEEP feelings at work.  If you feel foggy at certain times at work, imagine those same situations at work, TRY HARD to feel foggy and run the CT.

      Also, ABA… Always BE Aware … be aware of other memories, thoughts, feelings, images, etc. that come up when you run CT's and, especially, the Accelerators and if other information comes up, address them with PSTEC.

      A great recommendation is to use the Accelerators in instances where the cause or source of your issues are not clear as the Accelerator Tapping Tracks will encourage the subconscious to reveal the cause of the issues.'

    • [/list]Again, if you are struggling a bit on your own, your are worth the investment of having someone with experience guide you to find that freedom you deserve… you are worth it!